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Rose Water Refresher

$15.00 Regular Price
$9.00Sale Price
Our Rose Water Refreshers have many uses including a toner to help even out skin tone. A cooling mister to keep you refreshed and dry up any oily skin from sweating. A pillow spritzer because it smells heavenly and will both detox your pillow and leave you with a spa-like, relaxing aroma sure to help you rest easy; and a setting spray so that make up doesn’t go anywhere. It’s made with in-house small batches rose water, witch hazel, fresh aloe juice (also in-housed), and a variety of skin loving essential and vitamin oils! Use with our swamp monster face mask for the prefect luxurious spa day at home. This spray if for all skin types and as with all of our products, it has no artificial preservatives so it should be stored in the fridge when not in use. Here’s why you’ve got to order now; we are upgrading ever order( while supplies last) from our 2oz to a larger 4 oz bottle. Order your Rose Water Refreshers before we sell out of the larger size! (vegan)
  • Ingredients

    Rose Water, Distilled Water, Lavender, Rose, and Peppermint essentail Oils, Aloe Juiced, Jojoba oil, Witch Hazel

  • Shelf Life

    3 months refrigerated